What is distance-learning and how does it work?

A distance-learning course is an excellent opportunity to gain an education or further education from home or from the office. In a distance-learning course, the learner does not have to be present at the relevant educational institution.

A distance-learning course can be completed either mostly or entirely from home or from the office. The student is sent all of the documents she/he needs accesses them on the internet. Then she/he can decide when and where to complete the study tasks and how much time to invest in the studies.

But even in a distance-learning course the student is not left to her/his own devices. The student receives guidance from lecturers, tutors and distance-educators throughout the course. These people are ready to answer questions and provide valuable assistance. In addition, in many courses students are supported in a so-called online campus.

Once the student has completed the assignments, the student sends these to the educational institution for checking and marking. This gets rid of long journey times and costs for the student.

Some courses contain practical phases, in which the student can or must visit the educational institution in order to prepare for exams. This is designed to help the student to learn to apply the relevant theoretical content in practice.

Of course, not every course of study can be completed via distance-learning. Courses which require equipment generally do not offer an opportunity for distance-learning. Medicine is an example of a course of study of this sort. This demanding course requires the attendance of the student and cannot therefore be completed from home. However, many courses which are based primarily on acquiring a lot of theoretical knowledge or intellectual abilities can be completed through distance-learning. In these cases it is not significant whether this is a first course of study or an advanced course.