About the Open Professional School

Open.PS - The Open Professional School Open.PS, the Open Professional School, exclusively offers professional-oriented distance-learning courses, which enable students to determine the focus of their studies from among a wide range of subjects.

Teaching and learning take place via distance- and online studies, guided by tutorials (open-/distance-learning). You can study from home, from the office or in the library, so students can save precious working, travel and leisure time (as well as secondary study and opportunity costs). Personal meetings take place in virtual seminar rooms (online conferences).

With its distance/online study courses and the associated flexibility and mobility as well as fair course fees, Open.PS aims to contribute to equality of opportunities in further education. We see ourselves as an open and independent academic community.

At Open.PS, the highest quality is a demand we place upon ourselves. We therefore work with a quality management system based on the ISO 29990:2010 guidelines. Our education management system places the highest priority on the learning process and the related standards of service. For participants this means excellent teaching and learning processes, as well as transparency and comparability of study programmes.