Interactive and close

Modern computer technology has never offered so many opportunities to communicate regardless of time and place. Social isolation – which used to be an issue in distance-learning – simply no longer arises. In addition to our classical analogue teaching materials we offer you an online portal-based learning platform (online campus).

Making contacts

In the online campus you can go deeper into your studies, discuss with tutors or interlocutors and make important contacts. Via moderated, studies-related chats or through communication in online forums, you have a short-cut to our know-how and to the whole learning community. This means that you study as if you were in one room together, but without the burden of having to be present physically.

Strengthen your media competence

All of our tools can be learned intuitively, and they advance your learning process. So through your distance-learning programme you will strengthen not only your thematic and social competences, but also your ability to use modern communications technology.